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Horse Blogs

I discovered a gold mine of Horse Blogs

If you read my post “Five good reasons why you should start a blog” I gave you a few reasons for starting a blog for your horse business. You may have thought, “Hey that sounds like a good idea, but where to start, what to write about, and how do I pick out my blog categories”?

Well I think that the first step should be to check out and read some postings at a few horse blogs that relate to whatever you are passionate about with horses.

I did a some quick Internet surfing and found this wonderfully large and varied Horse Blogs List at the Bridlepath blog. Doris gave me permission to repost her huge list here. And I have added to it too. She also would love if you’d check out her equestrian blog too.

Note that some of these links below will open in a new browser window.

Horse Art Blogs

Horse Book Author and Writing Blogs

  • Cliffy’s Mom’s Blog By the shores of Gitchee Gumee by the shining Big-Sea-Water, came a little red horse! …Or something like that. Clifford is the star of the true horse story, “Clifford of Drummond Island” and the sequel, “Return to Manitou.” What started out as bloglike ramblings became a book, so never underestimate the power of the written word!”Great horse books and loved her dog ebook too.” – Joni Solis
  • Riding & Writing…An international blog about horses, writers, authors, books, equestrians, artists, poets, poems, and more horses…

Horse Business Blogs

Dressage Horse Blogs

Horse Breeder Blogs

Horse Health Blogs

Horse Photography Blogs

Off Track EX-Racehorse Horse Blogs

Clicker Training for Horses Blogs

Horse Training and Equestrian Riding Blogs

Horse Sports Blogs

General Horse Blogs

It is been a while since I first started this list of horse blogs so if you find any broken links or blogs that you think should not be here please let me know about them in the comments below or by contacting me through my contact page. Please read the comments to find more horse blog sites. Also if you know of some nice horse blogs that I have missed please leave their URL and Title in the comments. Thanks!


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  1. What a great list! The horse world truly is tremendous and I hope my fellow horse lovers can take a minute to read about our student run club! We do not receive any funds from our university and we greatly appreciate your support!! Go Terps!

  2. Just publish our first Cowboy Magic Blog message this evening and would love to be added to your list of “Horse Blogs” our discussion this evening is about detangling horse manes and tails…tomorrow will be “How to grow longer manes and tail”…Jim

  3. Very much enjoy your blog! I’d like to include my blog,
    in your list of general horse blogs, if possible. It’s a compilation of true horse stories, starting with my time as a rookie mounted police officer in Toronto in the 1960’s, and continuing with the adventure of my move ‘back to the land’ to Nova Scotia, Canada- where I still am today.
    All the best!

  4. I wonder if you know if any of the blogs allow information about raffles. There is one I just became aware of on Clinton Anderson’s Facebook page. The tickets are pricey, but only 75 will be sold, so there is a good chance of winning this wonderful horse — trained by CA! See below for the info. If you think that all of the blogs might be interested, I could send the info to each of them. I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. This is just too good a thing not to fly, and I have been told that there might not be enough tickets sold. The horse is valued at $25,000.

    Do you dream of owning a world-class athlete started with the Fundamentals at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch? Envoye, an Arabian gelding with impeccable endurance racing bloodlines, is currently at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch receiving 60 days of training from Clinton’s Academy students in the Fundamentals of the Method. The gelding is being raffled off to support the AERC and FEI sanctioned Yosemite Gold Cup Endurance Ride being held April 21st in California that will feature 25, 50, 75 and 100-mile rides. The winner of the raffle not only becomes the gelding’s new owner, but receives an entire day’s lesson with Envoye at the ranch from one of Clinton’s Academy students. To enter for your chance to win Envoye, for more information visit the Yosemite Gold Cup website ( No Worries Club members can learn more about Envoye in the Winter 2012 Journal article “Untouched to Under Saddle in 30 Days. (”

  5. Thank you for putting this list together. I am a beginner blogger, and will be blogging about rodeo, breakaway roping, training and lessons and I want to be able to participate in this forum as well.

  6. Hello All,
    This is a great list of horse blogs and I have been enjoying going throught them. I recently started a blog about my Icelandic Horse Blessi–you can read how he aced the Equine Intelligence test–in his own way. Here is the blog.

    Regards, Pamela

  7. I am enthralled with horses and their long, beautiful tails. I like to feed them apples and walk with them, but not ride them because that is scary. I’m happy to see you like horses as much as i do.

  8. I love horses and blogging about horses! I love what you’re saying and I’m excited to use your ideas in my blogs, keep it up! 🙂

  9. I am looking for comments on the following statement!
    Deos anyone else feel that ACTHA (American Horse Competition Association) is comercializing horse rescues? I watched there program on HRTV last Tuesday night.
    I am any ordinary person giving ordinary rescue horses a home at my expense.
    If we could take the money they spend on fancy horses and cowboy costumes, we could provide alot of horses a home. Yes ACTHA does donate some of there
    proceeds to horse rescues but it barely covers the costs. Above all it does not help us that are not part of an organization.

  10. very useful list. I hope next time my natural horsemanship training website will be included.

  11. Great idea to publish a list of blogs. Normally I have to surf by now I’ll just come back here. Thanks

  12. Hi! I have a question for everyone who has experience with horses. I have recently found the love of horses and am completely taken by them. For the last year I have helped friends of mine by watching and caring for their horses when they are not available.

    I would like to learn to ride myself (just for trail/ leisure), but am overweight. I was curious how you can determine the right size horse for the weight of the rider?

    thanks in advance for your help!!

    1. I once asked the same question and this is what the outcome was.
      25% of the horses weight is the rule of thumb measurment of weight it can cary.
      IOOO pohnd horse = 250 pound of rider and tack. or there about.
      My horse would be around 1200 pounds 300 pounds reider and saddle. 40 pounds of saddle and blanket 260 pounds for rider I squeese in by 40 pounds.

  13. What a great list of blogs. I’m looking forward to reading so many of them!

    I started my own blog in February and am having a great time with it. I’m a freelance writer and hunter-jumper rider. Combining my love for writing and horses has been a terrific creative outlet.

    I’d love for some of your readers to check out my blog. You can find me at:


  14. Great list!! Thank you. ‘Horse Art Blogs’ by top UK artist Maggie Raynor went up this week. She’s a published illustrator (look her up on amazon) and avid horse owner herself. She has quite a few styles including dressage…but her cartoons share some horse humor. They have their own personalities right? Thanks again for putting this resource together. 🙂

  15. This blog, entitled A Work in Progress: One Middle-Aged Broad’s Descent Back Into Horse Madness is a collection of general observations and humorous anecdotes about riding, parenting, working, competing, and trying to all at once without losing one’s mind!

  16. What a great compilation of information for horse lovers everywhere. This is a great list for gaining information about horses, makes searching the Internet faster.

    Thanks so much for providing it!

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  18. I’d like to say thank you for going to the trouble of publishing and sharing this great listing of horse blogs. I’ve had a look at some and I think I’ll spend more time doing just that as I’ve much to still learn about horses.
    I wish you all the best with your blog from down here in Tasmania, Australia. I’ll visit your site again very soon.

  19. Hi Horse Lovers ~
    If you’re looking for a fun horse blog filled with lots of great horse photos and all about jumping, come visit us at
    Happy Trails,

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  21. I need to find a horse blog about stable equipment and ways to lighten heavier work. Specifically, I board at a stable where some of the owners help muck stalls because the owner works 3 days a week. We are all women ranging from late 40’s to late 60’s. Manure goes into a dumpster or skidster bucket. Upending wheelbarrows is backbreaking. Shoveling, pushing the barrows, not a problem. Tipping the wheelbarrow up and forward is hard on the thoracic and upper lumbar spine. Anyone use any kind of winch or mechanical aid that would lift a muck bucket up the side of the dumpster so we could tip the contents down? Building a ramp beside the dumpster would take up too much space & probably be dangerous to push a barrow up unless it was designed like a heavy scaffold. There MUST be an easier way to do this & I”m sure someone else has already found it. HELP!
    Thank you.

  22. Thank you for the awesome list of horse blogs. This is great information. I have a blog called The HorsePedia. You should take a look at it. My goals is to shine light on other horse organizations and individuals who help to promote their horse community. I want the HorsePedia to be an outlet for people who want to become more involved with horses. Thanks for you time!

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