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Tips on getting your horse business known…

  1. Who you know is not as important as ‘who knows you’, so put on your thinking cap and conjure up as many ways as you can to meet more people to expose your name and brand to.
  2. Talk with people about your business. Let people know what you sell or do. If you love your business then your enthusiastic words may spark their desire to learn more.
  3. Create a short, compelling, description of your business to tell people when they ask what you do. Do a search on for ‘elevator speech’ and check out:
  4. Network (stay in touch) with other horse loving people. Check out and join some of the busiest online forums and groups to keep up-to-date on ideas, trends, and opportunities.
  5. Consider donating something business related to charity fund raising auctions (on and off line). This will draw attention to your company.
  6. Volunteer to talk and/or demonstrate to local groups, clubs, churches, local co-ops, feed and tack stores, western stores, etc.
  7. Consider offering your farm/stable/business for special classes, events, and meetings put on by local groups to introduce new people to your business.
  8. Consider holding events that help your local charities and don’t forget send out press releases. Write press releases that will interest potential customers.
  9. Don’t just go after people with horses but consider people that may have an interest in horses if someone gave them a chance to see what they are all about.
  10. People that like dogs may also like horses so consider letting a dog trainers hold classes in/on your facilities.
  11. Make a plan to send out press releases on a monthly basis and keep a note book this for filing and working on your ideas for press releases. having your name in print or mentioned in an interview is huge. The credibility you gain in the eyes of the consumer is at least ten-fold over what you would gain from a paid ad.
  12. Did you know that many public TV channels off free air time for educational demonstrations? Contact them to learn more. This is good exposure.

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Being remembered tips…

  1. Horse Art Ecard; free to send Stay in personal contact with your customers. Send them postcards of new products, news clippings, articles, newsletters, birthday cards, ecards, holiday cards or a ‘thank you’ cards.
  2. Remember to send out sincere and timely THANK YOUS whenever you get the chance. This is nearly a lost art and guaranteed make people remember you!
  3. Go back to the handwritten notes and you will be noticed in this time of hurriedly typed and miss typed emails.
  4. If you don’t have the horse or service they want but know or hear of one that would be a good match call or send them a note. People remember people that help them gain their desires.
  5. Follow up with everyone that contacts you. You never know which one will be your next client.
  6. Follow up as quickly as possible as there is always someone else that may want to sell to them and is willing to follow up fast.

Online marketing tips…

  1. Get a web site so you can have 24/7 global storefront working for you!
  2. Post updated information about your business, products, services, classes, lectures, demonstrations, shows, wins, events, etcetera to website!
  3. Connect with your customers through your “About Us” web page. Give them an inside peek into your horse training philosophy and a feel of the real you with true behind the barn events that make you seem more down home and real.
  4. Don’t be too shy to share with your clients your successes, recognition, and compliments that are sent your way. Graciously accept compliments and post your thanks you online — a testimonials page.
  5. Display a few of your best products/horses (post small images) on your home page with a link to a new page with more info and large images.
  6. Consider making a “Press” page on your website where journalists can locate what they need quickly: your bio, your photo, photos of your artwork, FAQ, etc.
  7. Brand your website with a professional email address with your domain name, like: horses @ not sillyhorse235678 @
  8. Never send out an email without your company signature file at the bottom with your web site address.
  9. Have a few people proof read your website and email sales letters. You will not believe what errors you can overlook! Make your spellchecker your best friend.
  10. Start a blog or space on mySpace to draw more people to your website.
  11. Tag your blog so more people will find it! Do an Internet search to learn more.
  12. Don’t SPAM! I have had many horse businesses add my email address to their email list without my permission — that is spamming. Do not do it; it is bad for your business. Learn about what spam is so you will not be accused of doing it.
  13. Think about making a few informational products (ebooks/reports/articles) to sell and/or give away to draw more people to your website.
  14. Let me give you a clue about what is the most important part of your website — the W O R D S ! Spend some time working on your sales copy or hire a good copywriter.

Presentation Tips…

  1. Visuals are super important — make sure you have great looking images of your products, your logo, yourself, your horses, your business. Good horse photos and equine graphics draw people in and build desire.
  2. Always consider the first impression your making because most people will not give you a second chance. Double check your business from top to bottom and left to right — how does it look from your clients view? Ask them!
  3. Your business card will draw more attention if it has a strong horse image on it.
    Horse ecards
  4. Don’t overcrowd your business card or your ad designs. Consider printing on the backside of your business cards instead of crowding too much info on the front. A map on the back maybe a helpful idea.
  5. You cannot be great at it all. Know when to hire professionals; like photographers, ad designers, web designers, copy writers. Professional presentation materials add up to more sales.

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