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Louisianan man with Cancer needs to re-home 17 Thoroughbred racehorses.

Photo of mare and foal

Gary and La Dan Ladd of Farmerville, Louisiana are in a tight spot and need your help to call on other horse lovers to help them find new homes for their seventeen thoroughbreds. High Flight Farm was their dream but terminal Cancer has taken way that dream. They are struggling to feed these horses and must part with them as fast as possible.

Please check out more info and photographs of the thoroughbreds here: Cowboy Needs Help From Thoroughbred Race Horse Lovers. The photos of the horses are not the best so please visit if you can to see the horses in person or call for more info on their bloodlines.

Disaster strikes us all from time to time. Please spread the word to help find these horses wonderful new homes. They are also in need of money to buy horse feed until all the horses can be placed. It is true that every dollar helps so please consider helping out. Thanks!

P.S. I do hope they find good homes for these horses and that they don’t end up going to a horse slaughter house in Mexico, but that is a possibility when people get desperate to get rid of horses in a hurry and give them away for free or sell them too cheap and don’t check up on who are buying them. If you ever find yourself needing to re-home your horse or horses please try to take care about where they end up.

I don’t know this family are the horses. Please visit this page for more info and to view the photos: Cowboy Needs Help From Thoroughbred Race Horse Lovers.


  1. If you want to consider one of these thoroughbred horses, or just want to get the latest update on them, then please contact…

    Gary & LaDan Ladd (the horse owners)
    543 Denton Rd.
    Farmerville, LA 71241


  2. Have all the horses found homes?
    I would love to give one a good home.
    My husband and I have 3 horses(children).
    I would like to here something about them.

  3. Best Friends Animal Society (http://www.bestfriends.org/)
    in Utah is a resource that may help. They are a huge and well-run animal sanctuary. They are the ones that took in Michael Vicks’ dogs.

    I would be happy to support them through donations to Best Friends where they could live comfortably until adopted.

    Best Friends phone is (435) 644-2001

  4. This is very sad. I do pray that these horses find good homes.

    I feel so sorry that their owners dream has ended in this way – it must be heartbreaking for them.

    I ride an ex- racehorse, he is the sweetest horse that I have known. He really seems to appreciate the care and attention that he gets and is a real pleasure to ride.

    I live in the UK so sadly I can’t give a home to one of these horses.

    I do hope that the horse find good homes, there was a terrible case in the UK recently where many horses were found dead at a dealers yard. Their previous owners had not checked where they were going to and as a result the horses and ponies suffered dreadfully.

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