New Horse Book about Wild Mustangs for Young Readers

Book cover of Meetting of the Mustangs

Meet Your Next Favorite Mustang!

Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs
Book cover of Meeting of the Mustangs

Award-winning author, Cathy Kennedy, invites you to share the story of the wild mustangs and how one special horse stands out from the herd. Cathy’s story, Meeting of the Mustangs, is the result of years of careful thought and will inspire animal lovers of all ages. She actually began writing this tale when she was quite young and reworked and completed it decades later.

Readers will be taken from their everyday routines and propelled into the lives of these time-tested national treasures. Crossing the finish line at the perfect length for younger readers, this story will also capture the hearts and minds of their moms and dads. Some may be compelled to wonder whether karma really does exist. Continue reading “New Horse Book about Wild Mustangs for Young Readers”

16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse

16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse [Infographic]

Horses love food and adore special treats like snacks that you can give them for good behavior or when you are clicker training them. There are snacks that are good for them and then there are some that you should not consider feeding to a horse.

Please click on the infographic below to see it full size for easy reading.

16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse [Infographic]
16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse [Infographic]

16-things-you-should-never-feed-your-horse.png (PNG Image, 800 × 7500 pixels)

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Interesting Facts About Horses In History

Horses are smart and friendly animals that have helped humans for more than four thousands years. They were used in agriculture, warfare, and helped people cover long distances. It is known that horses are faithful animals. There were many cases when horses sacrificed their lives in order to save people. Here are some interesting facts about five different horses:

English: Alexander and Bucephalus. Alexander g...
English: Alexander and Bucephalus. Alexander getting the better of his horse. A statue in front of Edinburgh’s City Chambers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Paintings of horses can be found in caves of Eurasia. These paintings showed that ancient people were familiar with horses and they may have been sacred animals for them. Greek and Chinese myths told us that horses were real friends for humans and they were described as brave and noble animals. Pegasus (a white flying horse) was one of the most popular creatures in Greek mythology.
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Self-Trailer vs Professional Transport for Your Horse

Commercial Horse Trailer


The decision to move our family from Texas to Upstate New York in the spring of 2013 was met with an array of emotions, especially since our family included two horses that we had acquired while living just outside of Fort Worth.  A thousand questions flooded my brain – should I try and trailer them or hire an equine moving company?  What kind of stress does such a move inflict on a horse?  How much is this going to cost?  If you already own a trailer, this is going to be the more affordable option, but it is not right for everybody.

two horses
Two Horses


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The Cost of Owning a Horse Infographic

Cost of owning a horse infographic
Cost of owning a horse info-graphic – click on image to view full size.

The cost of owning a horse is much more than many people realize when they first consider owning their own horse. Are you ready to spend some money for this new hobby? Please educate yourself about all the costs and possible costs – like sudden veterinarian costs or doctor costs from an unexpected dump. It might be a good idea to just lease a horse for a while to get a truer idea of horse ownership money and time costs. Or you could help out a local horse rescue organization and foster a horse until it gets adopted.

The above graphic was sent to me from Diamond Trailers – they create custom trailers to fit any purpose, size, and requirement that their our customers need.

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Tips for Choosing a Feed for Your Horse

Horse Fedd Info Graphic

You do your best to make sure that your horse receives its feed at the right time and in right quantity. But did you know that you can also keep your horse healthy and fit by including certain foods in its diet? For instance, alfalfa and other foods that are heavy in fiber content and low in NSC  (non-structural carbohydrate) are extremely beneficial in preventing tying diseases in horses. To prevent chronic ulcers or right dorsal colitis, you can give your horse complete feeds or supplements containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

The below infographic graphic image has more such amazing tips and tricks to help you give your horse the best diet possible. Don’t forget to check it out!
Source: Animal Health Company

Horse Fedd Info Graphic
Horse Fedd Info Graphic – Click to view full size

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Are You Cribbing Me?

Horse Cribbing Info

Guest Article By Derek Bringewatt

I will never forget that cool spring morning I sauntered out to our horse barn and as I slowly opened the old rickety wood barn door, I was greeted by our three horses. Once I was inside I noticed two of our horses standing together, my eyes quickly scanned the empty stall but only found boards that had been pulled down, just laying in the stall. As I stood there, I pondered the thought of how this could happen? After examination of the boards, noticing the teeth marks and indents, it became clear that cribbing was the culprit. As I proceeded to let our horses out to pasture it was then that I shook my head and thought  to myself…. Are You Cribbing Me???

Horse Cribbing Info
Horse Cribbing Info

What is cribbing you ask? Cribbing is when a horse uses their incisor teeth to bite on a fixed object, arches their neck, then inhales or exhales making a grunting type of noise. Cribbing affects about 5 percent of horses. That 5 percent equals almost a quarter of a million cribbing horses in the United States alone! Horses that crib have been known to crib for 15 to 65 percent of a typical day.

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Free horse hoof workshops in Wellington Fla

Vettec Logo

Attend Hands-On Workshops with Vettec Representative Lynne

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Vettec representative Lynne Myers is leading free hands-on workshops in Wellington, Fla. to teach techniques on how to apply hoof products and shoeing options. Your readers are invited to visit the workshops to gain insight on hoof care options. Handbooks and product demos will be available for anyone who attends.

Hands-On Workshops Overview
Lynne will provide instruction on techniques in correcting angles, creating extensions and restoring distorted hoof capsules. She will also demonstrate how to glue on shoes and point out techniques for success. Workshops will take place at Visby Products and Palm Beach Farrier Supply in Wellington, Fla. Dates and location information are listed below. Registration is free! Walk-ins are welcome. Registration:

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Prevent Snowballing in Horse Hooves During Winter Season

Vettec Equi-Pak CS Helps Prevent Snowballing in Horse Hooves During Winter Season

Pour-in pad provides durable support and protection against thrush in wet conditions

OXNARD, CALIF. – DEC. 8, 2015 – As temperatures in parts of the country dip below freezing and weather presents wet conditions, horses become susceptible to snowballing and thrush in their hooves. Tab Pigg, Vettec’s Farrier-at-Large, recommends that farriers and horse owners apply snowball pads or pour-in pad material to horse’s hooves during the cold season to prevent snow becoming impacted in the hoof cavity. Vettec Equi-Pak CS can serve as a snowball pad and its special formula can reduce the likelihood of thrush, which often surfaces during wet seasons.

Barefoot hoof, lateral view. Coronet band (1),...
Barefoot hoof, lateral view. Coronet band (1), walls (2), toe (3), quarter (4), heel (5), bulb (6), P2 (small pastern) (7) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Thoroughbred Makeover Schedule and Entries Announced

One month from now the Breeders’ Cup Festival begins in Lexington, Kentucky. The week of festivities begins with the TCA Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium at the Kentucky Horse Park where $100,000 in prize money will be distributed to owners of two hundred Thoroughbreds that have recently been trained in in ten different riding sports. The event is sponsored by Thoroughbred Charities of America and organized by Retired Racehorse Project (RRP).

Thoroughbred Makeover Logo
Thoroughbred Makeover Logo